Monday, February 24, 2014

Marianne's clianthus - headed for Alice Springs

Flights booked for Alice Springs - to attend the opening of the 38th Alice Prize, at the Araluen Arts Centre on Friday May 9th. My work is one of 66 selected out of 490 entries and as I've never been to the desert it will be a wonderful opportunity to visit a place where this "glory flower" Clianthus formosus grows in abundance (unfortunately not at this time of year).

'Marianne's clianthus, 2013 - after Marianne Collinson Campbell, 1800's'

(reclaimed needlework, lace and beading pins, museum board 145 x 65 cm)

details showing the head of the pea (the black 'eye' is referred to as the 'boss') and the leaves

Marrianne Collinson Campbell's original drawing in the a National Library of Australia publication
'Women of Flowers'.  The original drawing is held in the NLA collection.

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