Friday, February 14, 2014

John & George find a new home...

'John & George 2013 - after John Hunter 1789' was sold by Gould Galleries yesterday - four hours after I collected it from the framer and delivered it to the gallery. 

My Sanctuary Collection, which began with Queen Billie and Heide Museum of Modern Art in 2012, and its reiteration as Sanctuary Too at Gould Galleries in 2013, has now been completed by this reinterpretation of Captain/Governor John Hunter's King parrot, painted in 1789. Hunter copied the bird from another first fleet artist, the more proficient George Raper, whose Emu I have also reinterpreted in reclaimed needlework.

I'm grateful that my gallery are not only able to sell my work, but also love it and while I'm excited that 'John & George' have found a new home, I'm also (slightly) sad that I may not see it again.

Here is a shot of the work installed in Rob Gould's upstairs gallery yesterday in its beautiful frame built by the fab team at Chapman & Bailey.