Sunday, January 4, 2015

Homenaje a México

This new work-in-progress is my homage to the residency I undertook in Mexico in August 2014. It takes its inspiration from Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and uses the exquisite and quite rare Tehuantapec hand embroidery from Oaxaca, Mexico, that I purchased during my residency in Jalisco. There is also a unique hand-embroidered silk Bird of Paradise stem with buds, which I commissioned from a local embroiderer named Lopita.

For full details of this work in progress please see: Louise Saxton website

Diego Rivera's painting "Desnudos con alcatreces" 1944 (nude with Calla Lilies)

A detail showing part of my reinterpretation - "Desnuda y flores 2015 after Diego Rivera 1944"
Reclaimed Tehuantapec and Jalisco embroidery, antique lace, vintage cross-stitch, 
Hungarian silk embroidery, pinned to nylon tulle. Full work approx. 120W x 150H cm