Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Floating tulip

I'm so pleased to have this beautiful shot by
Vogue Living's Marcel Aucar to share with you all.
(posted on VL tumblr 19 March

The tulip, 'Last Gasp, after Maria Sibylla Merian c1670'
is finished now, but this photo of the unfinished work, posed with
an exquisitely elegant Shaker style chair, which I rescued from local hard
rubbish, lends the work an even more poignant sense of the ephemeral. 

"It looks like an exotic bird about to alight on the chair back..."
Tim Craker, friend and installation artist

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Objects, memories and moments that inspire our everyday" Vogue Living April 2013

I was interviewed by the very lovely,
intelligent and witty Annemarie Kiely in December last year,
for this issue, which has a focus on "what is luxury?"
I love the subtitle - "objects, memories and moments
that inspire our everyday"... those sentiments lie at the heart of my materials -
reclaimed needlework, made by others are often
precious hand made objects filled with memory and
moments from another era, when life was slower,
quieter and there were way less cars on the road!

I'm very fortunate to be given such a generous spread...
only about 6 weeks until the show opens at
Gould Galleries in South Yarra

Saturday, March 9, 2013

heatwave takes it's toll.....

I feel like this delicate dragonfly (in the making),
 very fragile in the autumn heatwave we are
experiencing in Melbourne, making it
 far too hot to be in the studio after 11am...

the "Last Gasp" tulip is almost done - and now
the question is, with dragonfly?  Or...

... without?

(reclaimed needlework, lace pins, tulle, h 82 x w 86 cms)

Friday, March 1, 2013

the pressure is mounting...

seven small to medium works are with the framers
and I am almost finished mounting the large birds...
very exciting

Here are some of them on their mounts, it has been
like making the work all over again, as the Lyre bird, for instance
took me three whole days to back and attach to the mount board,
but hopefully it will be worth it - they will be conserved within
their shadow box frames and hopefully will find some new homes...
My exhibition at Gould Galleries in Sth Yarra opens to the public
on May 1st and runs until May 31st 2013...

enter the

the last petal is almost complete and a kooky dragonfly
by the same artist, Maria Sibylla Merian c1680's enters the frame....

Maria's insects are strange creatures, especially
her dragonflys which she painted in and around her
still life flower paintings in the 1600's

It is their eccentricity which attracts me.... 

This one is coming to life below the tulip, but will most
likely be placed on top of the far right petal once complete