Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Unearthing the past #'s 1 - 3

In the process of setting up I was drawn back to my early days at art school - Canberra School of Art in the early 1980's and RMIT in the early 1990s. I discovered in the archives of my studio a folio of small drawings and photographs of lost paintings.  Not worthy of a gallery within the main website, but worthy of documentation none the less, I have decided to post some of the images in three journal entries. 

The interesting thing for me to remember is that my engagement with the domestic, with a sense of home, goes back a long way.  It has transmogrified over the years but, it is there as a constant thread.  

The first journal entry shows drawings in pencil and charcoal from a group house in Canberra and an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts, in the early 1980's.  The second shows drawings in oil stick and pastel from the early 1990's and the third journal shows charcoal drawings and paintings from the mid-late 1980's.

Please head to the website for full viewing of the journal entries and photos:

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