Monday, January 13, 2014

Heart Garden - ready for framing

'Heart Garden' 2013 is ready for framing!  The human heart motif has become a garden, filled with the exquisite hand-work of many anonymous makers and also, some belonging to family members of friends and acquaintances - I thank them all for their contributions! And here it is in the studio….

below a detail...

the negative form which is left after the 
backing motif has been extracted

 being pinned to the backing board

being pinned to the final mount-board for framing

and below the final work photographed by Gavin Hansford

Inspired firstly by my time at Heide Museum of Modern Art in 2012 (where there is a heart garden in the form of the romantic symbol) and by my time at the Palliative Care hospice in Kew, 'Heart Garden' was made during my artist-in-residence at the hospice in 2013.

It will find a permanent home in the Cardiac Centre at St Vincent's Hospital in Fitzroy - also known as the Heart Centre. I will keep you posted on the installation of the work once it's framed and hopefully some of you will be able to go in and see the work in-situ.


  1. this will be so good to see in real life Lou next time I'm in Melbourne!

  2. will let you know when it's up Mo Crow - hopefully by early Feb - and thank you! best wishes Louise