Saturday, November 9, 2013

the 'jungle' turns...

Sorry to keep blowing the trumpet, but for those who've only seen the still images of my Yering sculpture 'Let the Jungle In', here is a short video my son took of the work turning, as it's meant to do, in my studio (it's not quite finished - not as many tendrilly bits and not as beautifully high as at Yering) but the close up shots are quite wonderful I think. I'm sorry the resolution is not very good - YouTube seems to compress things very badly!!
If you would like me to email you the video directly let please feel free to contact me on

Let the jungle in, 2013
This work takes its title from Rudyard Kipling’s tale of the jungle’s revenge on civilization. Domestic needlework which is disappearing, along with many plants and animals that inspired it, becomes a jungle. A human heart motif, extracted and freed from the bamboo birdcage, creates a cavity through which we can imagine “letting in the jungle”.

Louise Saxton is represented by Gould Galleries, Melbourne 

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  1. Hi Lou. Yes, would you please email me the video. I'd love to have a clearer look at your magnificent work. (Blow your horn as loud and long as you want!)