Friday, November 29, 2013

A Bird in Hand

A few months ago a lovely journalist, Tess Curran and an equally lovely photographer, Alarna Zinn from Peppermint Magazine came to visit me in my studio.  The gorgeous 5 page article is now published in their latest issue #20.  I'm absolutely thrilled to be included in this terrific magazine and to be given such a generous spread with such a thoughtfully written article which covers all the main ideas I wanted to get across.  
There are lots of other great articles in the issue as well, with a focus on music - great summer holiday reading. 

the gorgeous cover

so lucky to be given full page images of my birds;
Ellis' Paradise, 2011 - after Ellis Rowan, 1917

and Madeira's Lyre, 2010 - after John William Lewin, c.1815

and a small photo of Last Gasp, 2013 - after Maria Sybilla Merian, 1670
and a sneek-peek at Let the Jungle In, 2013 my reclaimed 
bamboo birdcage sculpture at Yering Station 


  1. Wow! I know we get this magazine in stores in Canada so now I'm off to have a better look at the article up close. I'll be reading it by the fire in our season of autumn. Take care. xo Carole

  2. You are sweet Carole - thanks so much and wonderful it travels all the way to Canada. PS do you know anything about Bampf? There is an artist residency there attached to a university and I'm wondering about applying at some time. best wishes to you as you head into Winter! Also, I am launching a new website in the new year so the art side of this blog will be transferred to a "journal" page on the website. cheers Louise x

    1. Banff is renowned for it's residency program. It's a beautiful area with mountains and moose and art galleries!
      Lake Louise isn't far from Banff.
      Yes, apply!!!!!!

  3. how lovely - I'll definitely have to visit Lake Louise if I come! Thank you and have a great day Carole. Lx