Monday, October 7, 2013

News and views from the studio for Spring...

It's been a busy four months since I took up residence at Caritas Christi (my 2nd studio) in Kew, overlooking Studley Park and the old Wilsmere asylum.  In that time I've almost finished three new works and begun another.  I've also started a collaboration with my friend and glass artist Philip Stokes.

Here are some photos of recent goings on ....

I've finished and mounted 'John & George' - a male King parrot first painted in 1789 by John Hunter

I've put the final touches on 'Let the Jungle In' which will be installed at Yering Station Winery
tomorrow (9th October until early December 2013)

I've almosted completed my reinterpretation of a Sturt's desert pea, first painted in late 1800's 
by Marrianne Collinson Campbell (but I haven't settled on a name yet)

I've commenced planning a 'Heart Garden' work for the Caritas Christi collection
(very much a work in progress so far)

and last but not least I have embarked on an exciting collaboration with my
friend and glass artist Philip Stokes of Philip Stokes Studio Glass in Gwynne St, Cremorne

 the two small 'nests' awaiting their glass 'pods'

Phil swinging the first precision blown 'pod' - to
elongate the form (with partner Scott in the background)

Phil turning the glass 'pod'... stay tuned for more details
on how the pods progress...


  1. Okay, I must confess I can't wait to see the nests filled with glass!

  2. Hi Carole, it will be the other way around - the nests will hang inside the glass 'pods'! Can't wait either but Phil and I have been too busy with our own projects - hopefully soon!