Friday, August 30, 2013

Sneak Peak...

Finding inspiration for new work......

exquisitely painted in the late 1800's by 
Marianne Collinson Campbell (1827-1903)
 is a beautiful bunch of Sturt's desert pea 
(Swainsona formosa) 
held in the NationalLibrary of Australia 
and published in "Women of Flowers"

a detail of work in progress
(reclaimed needlework, lace pins, museum board)

"...we saw that beautiful flower the Clianthus formosa [sic] in splendid blossom on the plains. It was growing amid barrenness and decay, but its long runners were covered with flowers that gave a crimson tint to the ground".        (Sturt's journal, Narrative of an Expedition into Central Australia)

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