Friday, July 5, 2013

Postcard from Adelaide - Day 2

Day 2 in Adelaide - the Art Gallery of SA ...

of course I was attracted to this exquisite lace work in the Colonial gallery,
apologies for not taking down the name of the artist...

and this wonderful portrait by Percival made me
think of Ben Quilty's painting of Margaret Olley...

Amazingly they own a Gericault (a very romantic one of a young man -
not one of his fabulous Portraits of the Insane)....but it is exquisite

and they have a William Morris gallery - stunning
and the crewel worked silk embroideries 
were my favourites - detail below

 loved the installation by Tjanpi desert weavers
and this (detail) below of fibre feet...

 and a bird...

 and last but not least - in the William Morris room there
are two stunning Tiffany glass windows and this
is a detail of one - the luminosity is breathtaking....


  1. Hi Louise,

    We recently saw your work on the design files and adore your textile work! Lovely blog too.

  2. Thanks so much Corner Story! kind regards Louise