Friday, July 19, 2013

Updated News and views from the studio....

 "Let the Jungle In" has been selected for
Yering Sculpture Exhibition and Awards, 2013
at Yering Station Winery 27 October - 8 December 2013

the work takes its name from Rudyard Kipling's
tale of the jungle's revenge on civilisation.  I have
kept to my first love of reclaimed needlework, but have
moved it from my usual wall relief-work and into the space 
of the studio/gallery.   

The work hangs from the ceiling on fishing line 
and swivel and so it turns hypnotically....
while the 'human heart' motif which was extracted from the front 
of the bamboo birdcage sits silently, watching, 
from the wall behind and beyond 

(this piece includes some exquisite embroideries
from as far afield as Mexico, Budapest and Vietnam)

below - the view from inside 
'looking to the stars'...

and a view of the 'nest'
showing the 'heart' cavity in the front...

me and my jungle..... almost finished this new work,
my first ever large scale 3d piece which I hope to 
enter in the Yering Sculpture Award 2013
(Yering Station is a beautiful winery in the 
Yarra Valley just out of Melbourne)

and this shot shows a snippet of the human heart motif
which has been extracted from the bamboo birdcage
and sits high on the wall.  The cage is suspended from
the ceiling and turns ever so slowly....excited

In other news...

I have opened a shop on Etsy to sell limited edition giclee (pigment) prints
of my Sanctuary birds, insects and flower.  You can find me at:


  1. Hello Louise,
    Things are funny some time - I saw your work last night on design files and then went to the market here in Launceston and came across the most beautiful embroidery pieces (lots of ) and thought of you - They are an accumulation of Yianni's Mum's life of crafting and weaving - his Mum has recently passed away - but her work is so beautiful. The Facebook page is Panoreas Closet if you would like to view.

    Your work is amazing - thank you.
    Kind Regards

  2. thank you so much Kerry, I will certainly look at Panoreas Closet. kind regards. Louise