Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

The opening of my show at Gould Galleries last
Saturday was fabulous, with close to 100
people turning up to help us celebrate.  All that
hard work mounting and having the pieces framed
has been worth it....none of my birds or insects
will be coming home with me after the show - which is
both wonderful and sad at the same time, but they
have found new homes and have begun a new journey.

And this is where my journey as an artist began,
on the knee of my beautiful and creative mother,
who taught me to sew and knit my own clothes
and, along with my Dad taught me to value working
with my hands to create something new

and, because none of my birds are coming home to live
with us, I just have to make one more, don't I... and so,
I am attempting to reinterpret another First Fleet artist's
King parrot - this time it's a male specimen painted by 
John Hunter (left), who was copying the other wonderful
First Fleet artist, George Raper (right), both c1780s.


  1. Congratulations, Louise! Wonderful success.
    You sure were a cute wee thing.
    xo Carole

  2. :) thanks Carole... p.s. my husband bought me a book on natural history from British Columbia - is that your neck of the woods? I am in Adelaide so will see it on my return. Lx