Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recent goings on ...

Weep has been extracted from its original swath of tulle and
attached to a new 3.6mtr length for installation in 'Sanctuary too'
at Gould Galleries, 1-31st May 2013

Suzana and I in Wagga, recently for the 16th Ausglass
Conference, The Collective Vision.  Here we are
on a bridge over the Murrumbidgee River Lagoon,
in front of the Wagga Art Gallery and Theatre -
the weather was absolutely divine.

This strange object is a 'heart' extracted from a
Chinese bamboo birdcage - in readiness for my
next 3-dimensional project!...

and here they are together - the 'uncaged heart'
awaiting weaving with tulle and pinning with
floral motifs...stay tuned


  1. Hello, dear Louise,
    I am coming via your biggest fan... Carole! and she's right... your artpieces are marvellous, beautiful!
    I have bought a Vogue Living Australia mag today... but in Germany we are absolete ;) its the March issue.

    Love the uncaged heart!

    Best, Ariane.

  2. Dear Ariane, thank you so much for your very kind words! Carole has been a wonderful follower. So glad you were able to buy the Vogue Living magazine in Germany - my Flaming Flamingo was also published in your magazine Burda Style, Germany in December. I feel very fortunate and all of my works in the current exhibition have sold, apart from 3 small memento mori (lace skulls), so I'm feeling even more fortunate at the moment. Kindest regards. Louise

  3. This heart has captured mine! I'm eager to see what you'll be doing with it, Louise. xo Carole

  4. Hi Carole, see my later post "Winters bird.." for update on the cage - nothing happening with the hear yet, but soon.