Saturday, March 9, 2013

heatwave takes it's toll.....

I feel like this delicate dragonfly (in the making),
 very fragile in the autumn heatwave we are
experiencing in Melbourne, making it
 far too hot to be in the studio after 11am...

the "Last Gasp" tulip is almost done - and now
the question is, with dragonfly?  Or...

... without?

(reclaimed needlework, lace pins, tulle, h 82 x w 86 cms)


  1. Hi Louise, I was reading some of you previous posts and came across the one about rejections making us humble. So true. It also builds character to keep going, which you obviously have done, fabulously too! Your dragon fly and tulip prove it beautifully. With or without...... I have no idea as I love both!

    I also read about your backing procedure. My goodness it looks like a slow painstaking job to me. I am awed by your patience.

    May you find a cool spot in the midst of you heatwave!