Thursday, April 7, 2011

New acquisitions - Autumn treasure hunting in East Kew

 My most recent acquisition - a divine tea-cloth with mauve and pale brown floral sprays (circa 1930's?) I visited my local Mental Illness Fellowship opp-shop in East Kew on Wednesday and one of the lovely women there, who now knows me and what I do with embroidery, went upstairs to retrieve a box of recently priced needlework - this was one of them - and is soon to be deconstructed in the name of Art
the whole cloth on my studio rug


  1. Louise, I have just finished looking at your beautiful work on the NAVA website. I am awestruck. I don't believe I have ever seen such a magical touch applied to dis-used doilies.

    I am interested to know, once an exhibition has run its course, do you dissemble the pieces and re-use the cut motifs?

  2. Hi Penny, sorry I didn't see this before now, or reply to your lovely comment. I rarely disassemble work, but once I had a piece that didn't sell and I wasn't that happy with so I have reclaimed some fragments from it for other work.
    best wishes