Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Frida is finished...

"Frida" is complete and captured here by my wonderful photographer of 14 years, Gavin Hansford.
I refer to the work affectionately as Frida, but it is actually titled "Desnuda y Flores (nude and flowers) 2015 after Diego Rivera 1944". Reclaimed needlework (Tehuantapec embroidery from Mexico, antique lace doilies from NYC, vintage cross stitch from Boston, pinned to nylon tulle and silk using lace and beading pins and mounted in relief on museum board H1360 x W880 cm)
Here are Gavin's photos of Frida and me pinning her to the mount board, and also a link to the journal article on my website:


  1. this work is on such a big scale, you astound me!

  2. yes it's too big to fit in my car Mo Crow! Hope to have her framed soon and the framer has to come pick her up :)