Monday, March 24, 2014

Weep heads to its new home...

Weep is finally framed (by the wonderful team at
Chapman & Bailey in Abbotsford) and is shown here
in the gallery (Gould Galleries, Sth Yarra) ready to be
shipped to its new home in Sydney NSW - very satisfying!

and here it is when it was first draped over the ingenious sub-frame,
covered in Kappa board and canvas - the work was then painstakingly
pinned to the sub-frame before it was placed in its enormous box frame.


  1. oh my goodness, a friend just sent me links to your work and website, she thought i would love your artwork and she was so very right! what wonderful work, love it all! I have a huge collection of tablecloths and doileys myself for up and coming work....i think we have a similar creative heart. great great great to find you x

  2. thanks so much Janey G - who is your friend and where did she fine me? I absolutely love this material and it keeps on engaging me after 8 years! many thanks for your feedback and I will have a look at your work too. Louise x