Thursday, January 3, 2013

Almost there...

 Day 11 - the 5th petal takes shape
 roughly 50 hours so far (seen here
on her temporary tulle membrane
with Maria's original pinned beside)

 Day 12 - the 5th petal is almost complete

 Day 13 - the last petal is getting there...

Day 14 - the 6th petal is almost complete and the stem
is also on it's way, "last gasp" is shown here with
the original by the magnificent Maria Sibylla Merian c1670

This is the most complex and time consuming reinterpretation
I have undertaken in the past 3 year 'Sanctuary' project,
there are so many tiny pieces (I estimate at least 700 fragments
of embroidery and lace) pinned together to create
the striated tulip in it's last days, and I wonder what Maria would
think of 'her'?  I know she would be happy that i am reinterpreting her work,
as the books she published of her flower paintings were for others to
"copy, embroidery or enjoy" and to allow her to make a living!

and here's a detail so you can see the pins!

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you. Glad that Google shares decided to feature the talents of Maria Sibylla Merian today. Otherwise, I may not have ever discovered your gorgeous reproductions!