Friday, August 24, 2012

Post Sanctuary photos

In conversation with Jason Smith, Director & CEO,
Heide Museum of Modern Art about Sarah Stone's 1790
King Parrot which inspired Queen Billie 2010 (pictured)

 Installing Queen Billie 2010, in the Project Gallery
Ellis' Paradise and Flaming Flamingo in the background

 Discussing the historical context of the work,
Flaming Flamingo 2011 after John James Audubon in the background


  1. A great selection, Louise. What are you doing in the middle one? Do you normally work on a vertical surface or do you work horizontally on a large table? Is the caption for this photo correct? It talks about the 'Flaming Flamingo' in the background but the most visible bird is the one on the wall behind you. ;o)

  2. in the middle photo I am installing the work at Heide. I make the work vertically on the wall and then they are backed with anothr layer of tulle and foam core laying flat on a large table. the two birds in the back ground are Flaming Flamingo (after John Audubon 1838) and Ellis' Paradise (after Ellis Rowan 1917) cheers